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Can any psychics prove to me they’re psychic?

Question by Preston :3: Can any psychics prove to me they’re psychic?
Or give me a convincing story that they are?

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Answer by Nathan
I want one to give me the winning numbers to the lotto. Or hell, just win the lotto themselves to prove it

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Jerry Nelson

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7 thoughts on “Can any psychics prove to me they’re psychic?


    I am not psychic but I always have deja vu…. and I can tell exsactly what kind of personality someone has just by looking at them. I can also read peoples intentions.
    It is little things I can’t tell the future and I can’t tell when your going to die… blah blah.

    But I can like feel peoples spirits and know them automatically if I see them. Like when you stand next to a stranger and you KNOW to stay away from them they aren’t good people. Or if someone is putting on an ACT so to speak.

    Sometimes I will think of a person I havent seen or thought of in a long time and then I will randomly see them, or think of a movie and the amazingly it comes on tv the next day.

    Its small stuff but I attribute my ability to “know people” to God.

  2. Heart of man

    Things have happened to me have come at unexpected times, maybe once every two years. This is why science can’t measure these events for they happen at random times. It isn’t something that I can control but gifts handed out here and there.

  3. Misscpb

    Hello Preston

    Stories will not provide you with the proof you are looking for. Maybe a reading from a complete stranger could help you. Try the web sites below, they do free readings online ok
    (chat room and forums, check the calender for class times)

    Lots of Love
    Misscpb xxx

  4. Sarah Crispo

    I don’t understand why they always want proof. Although many are fakes, there are a few real psychics out there. Take my family for example: I have dreams of natural disasters that shall come the very next day. My most recent one was hurricane Thomas. Or my aunt. She was at my great grandfathers house since we were staying there for my birthday ( I was very young). It was my real birthday, not just a party. But she was alone in a room when she got very frightened. An evil presence was in the room with her, and she knew something very very bad would happen. She fled the room and told my mother. But that night, my great grandpa died.

  5. Tom

    Why would anyone feel the need to prove anything to you? Are you someone special or important that would make a difference? If anyone were to answer every individual here who wants proof it would still not mean anything in the long run.

    Then there are those who will say that the Randi Challenge is a fair way to show proof but it also requires the person to give up privacy and follow rules that are very one sided and for many even questionable. What motivation does Randi have to be fair? Giving away $ 1 million, denouncing everything he has based his current reputation along with his future income on. He has received around $ 5million as salary since JREF has been founded according to reports.

    Then we also have those who comment about winning the lottery. I am not sure about others but the local one here for the millions has odds of nearly 1:140,000,000 and for the smallest win 1:64.
    How is this able to be used for proof? One time could always be considered as luck so how many times would be needed. If it would be acceptable for multiple small wins, how many would be necessary?

    I have had many small lottery wins over the past few years, not large enough to require an ID to claim, no taxes and through various ticket sales outlets so no attention is attracted. I don”t care about proof or providing it to anyone. I care more about my privacy and not attracting attention.
    Accept that as a convincing story or not, I know it is true, as for your opinion it is irrelevant to me.


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