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Are there any free psychics online to chat with?

Question by xKillTheMessengerx: Are there any free psychics online to chat with?
I just have a few questions about a current situation and have no money. Thought maybe one may be nice enough to help me out. One that’s real legit. Let me know please and thank you 🙂

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Answer by Bored Goblin
no, there are no free legit psychics online.

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Jerry Nelson

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5 thoughts on “Are there any free psychics online to chat with?

  1. Misscpb


    Ignore the person who says that there are no free psychics, because obviously they have not done their research or experienced this. YES THERE ARE SOME FREE PSYCHICS ONLINE. Here are some web site links for you to get a free reading ok.
    (free readings in the chat room and also on the forums)
    (go into all rooms, then religion and spirituality then click either metaphysical or spirituality and see what rooms are open, then just enter)

    Lots of Love
    Misscpb xxx

  2. Lorena Starship

    We have genuine psychics who are able to use their intuitive gift to guide you with accurate readings. Specializing in past life readings, clairvoyance and connecting with past loved ones. We will guide you to unlock your past, and your future. Visit

    We are also looking for more gifted readers and promoters for our expanding and busy service. Please feel free to contact if you feel you are suitable for either one of these positions.

  3. Lollie

    No one connects perfectly with every client. That’s why I always give free three minute readings to anyone who has never called me before. I suggest you save time and get the most bang for my buck by having your questions clear and be ready to take notes when you call. In fact do that with all of us. Then only call back the ones that are right.

    ~ Lollie ext 5555

    You can read my most recent feedback here first:

  4. Laura

    Finding a legit Psychic is hard. very hard. However, simply grabs the highest rated psychics from around the net, and hand picks the best ones and displays them on rotation.


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