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5 thoughts on “Are Online Physic Readings real?

  1. Pantherempress

    Free readings are not free, they have hidden usage charges.

    Try a site that sells tarot cards, they usually let you try the cards for free. Not 100% accurate but fun.

  2. cocoa_baer

    No hon, I have a friend who did these and would laugh and laugh… They tell you answers you either want to hear, or give you advice they think you need to hear.

    You are better off on Yahoo Answers.

  3. xtrinitivex

    no way you can connect with energy on-line or on the phone with a total stranger, they are bogus this way.

  4. Tahuti Reincarnate

    I generally think they’re charlatans. Go to an in person psychic, then you can better gauge whether they’re being sincere or not.


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