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Are my dreams of loved dead ones psychic ? ?

Question by TopCat: Are my dreams of loved dead ones psychic ? ?
I keep having recurring dreams good and bad of my deceased loved ones. Especially the 2 who died young and took their own lives. I spend time with them and they know they died but they r back. Sometimes there appearance is physically disturbing without being too graphic. I never said goodbye to my 2 friends and I often felt guilty about their death. I loved them so much and I miss them. I was in love with one of them for a long time. Please help…

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Answer by Selina
Survival guilt,2things it’s ur feeling that & it’s transferring over to your subconscious sleeping sate,and/or you aren’t letting them go,nor are they ready to leave yet. Say bye to them,u know they are gone,let them go and accept it was their time & know you haven’t the power to send them home or keep them’s simple their time!
If another kills another,they to will have a fate that’s not good for them.

The veil of seeing/feeling spirits is vivid,it leaves the dreamer with a worldly feeling,you just know. ENERGY is thought we send & receive it.Time to say goodbye. I suspect u hear ur favorite Song/s music that u shared w/them? And u see the lights go on & off,tv,electrical appliances etc..? That’s them,take pic’s & View them up close,you will see their faces in orbs. Or a full manifestation of their apparition…u know what your experiencing,that’s all u need to know. Don’t believe another/other who tell u different,we know don’t we?Our spirits run our body’s until will pass on,death is just another way of life~

Anyone can go to outward sources,but only the self who goes inside self,can answer you & yes..those of us who know from our own experiences can tell you. It’s who talks & answers you is key! Our spirits that connects to the source/creator knows all it needs to,_it knows everything! I have been doing this all my life_if i wanted to or’s just my facts! I have many experiences of these things,ive shared many in here,this site alone,i know what i’m saying~

I know what ur thinking,so i got 1of my true story’s,it will help u~

Spirits INHABIT the vessel,that houses the soul) Our spirits run the body,energy & light (how we are created by the same source of energy/light) Important! Read below-

Hurts a little when the soul leaves_the spirit comes out as ‘spirit light’ hurts a little but closer now to us.
The life Force runs a mans body until he’s dead. ‘TELL THEM’ tell them that it’s a sin to tell them they will go to hell if they commit suicide tell them! This was/is an actual/real evp recording from two real spirits. I swear to all that is good.

That’s that’s what they said when ask…they were not ask about this,but they somehow wanted us to know~

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  1. webcage

    Psychological reasons can include a feeling of guilt or regret for not having spent time with a loved one before he/she died or some anxiety about that departed family member/friend.Here the images that appear in the dream are eruptions from our sub-conscious mind.
    Spiritual reasons are mainly two-fold. One is that the subtle body of the departed family member needs help in the afterlife and is trying to contact its descendant on the Earth plane of existence. The other reason is trying to seek revenge, to get even with some family member.

    A dream can be considered spiritual in nature if the same dream recurs at least 3 times.Dead family members will generally try to contact the family member (or appear in the dreams) who they feel is most likely do something for them. The reasons subtle bodies, in the afterlife, find it easier to communicate through dreams as opposed to the waking state is because during the waking state the person who they are trying to contact,is more engrossed in the five senses and does not have concentration of the mind. During the dream or sleep state, the mind is more receptive to messages from the subtle.

    We have found that people who have had untimely or violent deaths are more likely to appear in dreams as opposed to people who have had normal deaths such as after a prolonged illness.This is because the person who has died of natural causes is more mentally prepared for death and therefore finds it easier to move-on in the afterlife.
    In only 10% of cases could there be a negative energy masquerading as the ancestor,in the dreams.

    When dreams are of a close friend who had died suddenly….
    When close friends who are deceased appear in ones dreams,is mainly to seek help as they may feel closer to the person who they are trying to contact as opposed to their family members on Earth.

    True story,much like yours below~

    Recently someone lost a friend in a accident,they didn’t go w/them b/c he had an event in which this friend trained him for.During the trip his friend drowned.He was overcome by a feeling of remorse and guilt for not being there for his friend and perhaps being able to save his life.He did not have the strength to go to the funeral. Soon after the funeral, his deceased friend began to appear in his dreams.It would be the same dream each time and it would recur every few days.This continued for many years. He was very fearful of the dream but he did not ask for help from anyone on this matter.

    Then one day after many years,he faced his fears and said to his friend in the dream, “Look I am sorry I was not there for you.I cannot change the past but I cannot keep living like this,dreaming of you every second day.So whatever it is you want from me …. do what you must … kill me if you will, I don’t care.” From the next day onwards he did not have the dream ever again. He felt that standing up to his deceased friend in a dream was the correct thing to do However,from a spiritual perspective,all that the departed friend wanted,was some spiritual help from his closest friend. Once he saw that Andy would never understand,the subtle body of the deceased friend retreated,never to ask again.

    Andy’s correct action should have been to help organize a ritual to be conducted to help his deceased friend. I hope this helps u even in some small way,but don’t carry the guilt of another. This will pass to. We don’t own others actions or thoughts,be thankful for the memory’s & hopefully your better for of known them~


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