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Anyone know of any good psychics?

Question by : Anyone know of any good psychics?
Legitimate psychics in and around Chicago OR DeKalb, Illinois? I’d love to see one but there are a lot of fakes out there and I’d really rather not spend my money on someone that happens to be a vague, yet great guesser.

Side note, anyone heard of Readings by Maria? Opinions? She’s a psychic in Chicago but I’ve never been to her.
@K, there’s a reason why I didn’t ask this in R&S. I really don’t care what you have to say about what “God” says, as I don’t believe He exists and you should know this already.

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Answer by Mystic
Look up Mike Feghaly, he’s from Lebanon and pretty darn dead on.

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6 thoughts on “Anyone know of any good psychics?

  1. K

    no such thing as a good psychic! They are all bad!

    @ Amethyst Moon IM sorry that you got offended by the truth, but I base that about psychics on the word of God. God warns us about psychics white or black, so I stand by what I say there is no such thing as a good psychic. You can send me all the hateful emails to me all you want and call me ignorant or other names all you want. I still stand by what I say . No weapon formed against me shall prosper, and every tongue raised against me in judgment , I shall condemn.

  2. Daniel M

    you will meet angels and psychics when you least suspect it. Keep open and aware. And you should never have to pay money. Money is grounded and the aire that is required to help others is not grounded. Please just keep your heart open, they will find you if you really need them.



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