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Anyone can give me a psychic love reading?

Question by Mackenzie: Anyone can give me a psychic love reading?
I am 15, born February 15th 1997…and I think someone named Josh Smith is the one for me. Anything??

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Answer by Fox
There is no such thing as psychics. Since 1964 there has been a money prize to simply prove that anyone has any kind of super natural ability. It’s been at $ 1,000,000 for decades now. Nobody has won. And for those that would claim abusing powers for money then I plead that you win and give it to a deserving charity of their own choosing.

Which now makes your question void and in the realm of fiction.

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A couple nize books

psychic love reading

Image by CalamityJon
Along with other thrift store finds on Whidbey Island this week, I came away with a small passel of old books, primarily for crafting and book-binding purposes.

I’m mildly fascinated with the early 20th century science-based boys’ adventure books, so I decided to start reading up on them with The Motor Boys in the Clouds. These are boys who build motors on everything, they are monomaniacal but they got game.

The Psychic Discoveries book will be good for a larf, and I do love Cold War Arcana. A friend of mine is illustrating a comic where the premise is Soviet Cold War Era weaponized supernatural beings, so this might end with him when I’m done with it.

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One thought on “Anyone can give me a psychic love reading?

  1. lala

    Do not bother with the first answer ;
    he doesn’t know what he is talking about

    I am psychic ; but cannot work on a site

    TO answer your question : i use your DOB

    No he is not the person you will pass your life


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