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Any real psychics on Yahoo Answers?

Question by MS: Any real psychics on Yahoo Answers?
Hi…I have a problem and would love a psychic to help out. If any of you are there and can help me, please let me know what information you need to have a reading done. I’m at a crossroads in life and really need some clarity as to what direction I’m going.

Thanks in advance.

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Answer by The Eye of Omen
Psychics only help for money, go figure.

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4 thoughts on “Any real psychics on Yahoo Answers?

  1. johnnada

    psychics don’t exist. if they did the Randhi foundation would have given out their one million dollar prize. the only people who claim to be psychic are children and scum bags. but your question really sounds like it was mean for a therapist. go to a psychologist they actually know what they are talking about, well most of em


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