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Advice on psychics please?

Question by diamond: Advice on psychics please?
I’ve had 3 readings with a online psychic about a love relationship, 3 of them have pretty mucht old me the same thing, Now I’m a little curious, it cant be a coincedance? are they mostly right? I know if I had 2 telling me 1 thing and another another thing then ofcourse I would doubt it.

So They have really good feedback, alot of 5 star psychics, as they have alot of feedback from clients.

I’m just trying to figoure out, the chances of this happening sounds to real to be true. Do any of you have any experiance in this situation? whereas 2 or 3 have said the same thing and it actually happened. Thanks

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Answer by aspicco
Here’s the deal with psychics:

All a psychic really tells you is where you are currently headed. Nothing is locked in stone.

Here is a simplified example:
Suppose you want to go to New York. And while you were driving there, you got a little confused and ended up on the road to Chicago. Along the way, you stop and see a psychic. They tell you, in three days, you will be in Chicago. And so you keep driving and sure enough, in three days you are in Chicago. But… you didn’t have to keep driving that road. You could have said to yourself “I don’t WANT to go to Chicago” and changed your travel plans…

Here is a real life example:
Years ago I went to a psychic with my girlfriend. I liked everything the psychic told me about my future. Sounded ok to me. And it all came true.
My girlfriend was told (among other things) that we would break up in the next six months, very amiably, because a “Larry or Barry” would enter her life and he would be her new boyfriend, but that she and I would remain close friends, because we were very important to each other. My girlfriend said to herself “NOOOO!” Guess what? Larry or Barry never showed up, and we continued our relationship for a couple of years, until we broke up anyway, and did not remain friends… (We did reunite as friends 22 years later).

Nothing is locked in stone.
A psychic is just to help you see where you are currently headed.
Your future is up to you.
Always was.
Always will be.

So I am guessing those three psychics picked up the same thing… that’s all

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  1. Napoleon

    a psychic helps you decide , but its all up to you. they gave spiritual advice and gives you guidance , it really makes you feel better and wiser.


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