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A way to learn advanced physics online?

Question by Geesauce: A way to learn advanced physics online?
I’m in 7th grade (14 years old) And I find myself attracted to physics. I already have a theory of relativity between time and matter. (I’m really not sure if there is one before, but I came up with it myself and even though it’s short it shows a very important relation between density and time)
I also came up with a theory of dimensions being constructed by infinitely stacked plates of lower dimensions. All in all I love physics, but all we study in school is some boring and simple vibrations, sound and optics. It’s not enough for me and I’d like to take it further but I don’t want to change schools and even if I did there are no schools in my city which are concentrated on studying physics. Is there any way for me to learn things online? I’m not talking about wikipedia, I tried understanding quantum mechanics, implosion and quantum suicide but it’s just way too incomprehensible for me. Ideas?

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Answer by TrojanG
no offense, you cannot learn advanced physics without an advanced knowledge in mathematics. i suppose your so called “theories” of relativity and dimension are merely ideas without any math involved. you need to mathematically prove your “theories” otherwise they don’t describe nature. for a person at your age i suggest you focus more on math than advanced physics.
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  1. eri

    First you need to learn basic physics. You’re reading literature written for the lay person that skims the ideas of advanced topics (some plausible, others not accepted at all by actual physicists) but you haven’t actually learned physics. You need to start at the beginning – algebra, geometry, calculus, and then once you’d learned calculus you can start on the basics you’d take in intro physics in college. Wikipedia isn’t a good place to do that. Physics textbooks are, but those are not free online. You are many years of math and basic physics away from being able to start learning quantum mechanics they way a physicist would.


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