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A Psychic reading?

Question by NONAME: A Psychic reading?
My name is Krystal L (apr 19 1989)
I used to have a thing for this guy a year ago Jon R. (sept 20 1985).

I had a VERY TINY feeling he liked me too, but I got annoyed that he never showed it, therefore I moved on.

However, he lives in my area so I’ve seen him around this summer 3 times randomly, twice when I was with my best friend Darlene P(aug 2 1989).

There have been certain things that make me believe that he may like one of us, but then again I am NOT sure at all.

1) Does J have feelings of positivity towards either of us? If so, which one?
2) Does J have feelings of negativity towards either of us? If so, which one?
3)Also, does he like(or is attracted to) either of us? If so, who?

I’m a curious person. It’s not like I can just ask him, because he is kind of sarcastic and would NEVER admit it if I were to ask whether he liked one of us. I kind of just look at him as a goofy friend though I guess since nothing ever was confirmed.

zigadig. for once i actually liked your answer. Thas.
zigadig..also do u see that he ever USED to like me like a year ago? The thing is that NO i do not believ I like him but I just would like to know if he does or ever did. And I have NEVER thrown myself at him or anything and dont plan on it.

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5 thoughts on “A Psychic reading?

  1. [.rockstar status.]

    …so you really think there’s a psychic roaming around Yahoo! Answers and wasting time…

    I think not.

    It seems like you already have your prediction:

    [Quote] I had a VERY TINY feeling he liked me too, but I got annoyed that he never showed it, [Unquote]

    buh bye

  2. Matt

    We cant give a psychic reading over the internet, at least an accurate one. Besides, most psychics are fake. You shouldnt put too much trust into them.

    *I do not deserve a thumbs down, Im trying to help you realize that psychics cant test love, only you can try*

  3. zigadig

    Well, already answered this but I guess I have to tell you again. His feelings for either one of you are rather neutral. It’s not like he secretly “has feelings” for you or Darlene. If either one of you were to throw yourself at him constantly, he may take the bait, but it wouldn’t be anything serious on his part because he just doesn’t care to pursue it himself. BELIEVE IT! I know you think that you can be “psychic” enough to believe that anyone who tells you something other than what you want to hear “must be wrong”. No, that’s how we see it. You can do whatever you want, it’s your life. But It gets old when you ask again and again about the same thing. You either have feelings for this guy or you don’t. He either has feelings for you or he doesn’t. As I see it, he doesn’t and you are either lying to yourself about how you feel about him or you are just playing. Make up your mind and stick to it. Not rude, just honest.

  4. id_viper_88_id

    I have to admit that this question is really confusing… You had felt something to a guy that you think likes either you or your current friend, didn’t I mix up anything?

    Well… There’s no good reason to know that… And why?


    Possibility no. 1: You find out that Jon is attracted to Darlene. Later, you start to worry about Darlene turning out to also like boys and that, perhaps, Jon will try to steal Darlene for himself.

    Possibility no. 2: You find out that Jon is attracted to you. In this case, probably still feeling something to Jon, you’ll be uncertain who of them you prefer to be with. You’ll start doing calculations what you will gain and lose choosing each of them.

    I know that this sounds closely like a story taken out straight from a soap opera, but this is the way of outlining that this knowledge is just pointless

    Edit: I guess I got mistaken thinking that Darlene is a guy (at first, I even read Dariene instead of Darlene, sorry :D). But the possibility no. 1 is still, however, valid as to the stealing part


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