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100 Free Tarot Card Readings

100 Free Tarot Card Readings

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100 Free Tarot Card Readings

Welcome you on a visit to our great zone about Free Tarot! Your destination will be revealed under the light of Tarot cards’ meaning. Moreover, you also get a great chance to receive useful guidance from its potential power.

In the former days, Tarot has developed and combined with other powerful methods such as Astrology, Numerology, Rune and I Ching. The Tarot card started from the mid-15th century in Italy, and it was called Tarocchini (a kind of game). However, until the late 1700s, the Tarot has become popular. The Tarot card was split into 2 groups as Major Arcana and Minor Arcana.

  • The Major Arcana includes 22 cards which might disclose major themes in our life.
  • The Minor Arcana are the 56 remaining cards which show up people’s life. These cards are split into four suits such as Swords, Cups, Pentacles, and Wands.

How to read my Tarot cards for free?

100 Free Tarot Card Readings

Before starting your free Tarot reading with a Tarot reader, it”s extremely crucial that you should ground yourself firstly. Relying on that, you will be protected from evil energies and connected to your Spirit Guides and Guardian Angels with ease.

  • Lay your feet down on the ground firmly and comfortably. Then close your eyes slowly and gently. Try to feel the movements in the Earth beneath your feet, pads and toes. Remove unnecessary thoughts out of your mind, just leave joy and love.
  • Be slow to breathe in and out.
  • Begin to imagine small roots appearing from your soles. These roots are going deep into the ground, contacting and twisting with other roots of trees and plants around you.
  • Continue growing your roots thicker and deeper so that you can reach the core of the Earth. Then try to feel your relation with this planet.
  • Next, look through into your mind and imagine a pearl white light coming from your heart. Avail this light to enclose your body and light up areas surrounding you. Envision a purple gleam waving through the pearl white light like it can protect you.
  • After that, start thinking about which questions you want to hear the answer and read this statement aloud: My Spirit Guide, Guardian Angels, Spirits of the Earth and Mother Nature, I ask for your assistance and advice. Instruct me with a circle of happy and white light – encased in the purple glimmering – and send my grounding deep into the Earth. Be pleased to talk to me via this reading and instruct me on a journey to look for the answer.

Try to follow these above ways to get a correct Tarot reading! And if you still have any puzzle about this post “100 Free Tarot Card Readings“, be free to contact us by giving your inquiries here. We”ll reply to you in the soon time.

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